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April 3, 2019  

Professor Dame Celia Hoyles is pretty much the closest one gets to royalty in mathematics education.

“I’ve been around a long while,” she laughs, at the beginning of our conversation for this week’s Tes Mathematips podcast.

Her decades of experience in maths education have been at the cutting edge of research. She has continually examined the place of technology and computing in maths learning, and explored innovative ways to assist students and teachers with all three.

In this podcast, the main focus is the use of microworlds for teaching maths. 

In the podcast, Celia mentions:

1.    Turtle geometry with Logo

2.    ScratchMaths

3.    Cornerstone Maths

4.    Digital Experiences in Maths Education journal

5.    Seymour Papert’s Mindstorms

6.    Her book with her husband and colleague Richard Noss Windows on Mathematical Meanings: Learning Cultures and Computers

7.    The NRICH project

Lucy mentions:

1.    Celia’s paper Transforming the mathematical practices of learners and teachers through digital technology


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