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“You can shout as often as you like that ‘x’ should work, but if it is not working while I am teaching, I will do other things that on paper might not be as efficient,” says Dr Christian Bokhove, a lecturer in mathematics education at the University of Southampton and a specialist in research methodologies.

Speaking on this episode of Tes Podagogy, which focuses on spotting research myths and how teachers can be empowered by research, Bokhove explains that the relationship between teachers and education research is a difficult one to get right. On one side, it has huge scope to improve practice; on the other, there are real dangers in how teachers often consume research.

Bokhove – a former teacher - identifies some prime examples of where he feels research has been oversimplified or misconstrued by educators, including popular work from the likes of ED Hirsch and John Sweller. He also details things teachers should look for in research and discusses issues such as publication bias.

Carol Dweck, Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University and the woman behind Growth Mindset theory, explains how her theory has been misinterpreted, what she has to say to her critics and her efforts to create a growth mindset pedagogy

Professors Robert and Elizabeth Bjork are among the world's leading researchers into memory and learning. For this podcast, they discuss what teachers need to know about memory and explain how group work, tailoring content to student interests and testing are key to helping students retain knowledge. 

In the first episode of Tes Podagogy - the Tes podcast all about teaching and learning – Daisy Christodoulou, author of Seven Myths About Education and Making Good Progress – explains why assessment is important, how teachers can do it better and why it's much more interesting than some would have you believe. 

March 23, 2015  

Join Richard Vaughan as he examines whether Ofsted is at a crunch point amid claims of "attacks" against the agency and tensions between it and the Department for Education at an all time high. We hear from Ofsted's director of schools Mike Cladingbowl, Jonathan Simons head of education at think tank Policy Exchange and headteacher and blogger Tom Sherrington to get their views on the issue.

April 29, 2014  

How do we teach about the wider world? What does good practice look like?

April 29, 2014  

Enquiry, mapping and fieldwork still matter but communication techniques have added a whole new world of possibilities.

April 29, 2014  

How do you evaluate your geography provision? What impact is it having on learners? What is there out there to support you to do this and what is in the pipeline? It's that elephant in the room- assessment.


April 29, 2014  

Planning for success Geography can contribute to school improvement by providing valid contexts for literacy and numeracy, but it's important to get the geography right first. Where do you start?

April 29, 2014  

A new curriculum for geography comes into force from September 2014. What are its essential messages and how ought we interpret them?